Synchronizing Panle

We provide Synchronization panels are designed and used mainly to meet power system demand.

These type of panels function both manually and automatic synchronizing function for one or more than one generators or breaker. And it also operates on an automatic mains failure system, in order to avoid when the main supply is disrupted on one or all phases (after an adjustable delay period) the generator sets will start-up together.

After a basic warm-up period, the generators will synchronize with each other right on motorized circuit breakers or contactors adjacent to a common busbar. The motorized modification over switch will be closed and the load will be connected to the main distribution box.

The load share units constantly monitor the load and at the time of low demand periods, one or two generators will be shut down to save on fuel consumption. As the requirement raises once again the second generator and the third generator will be restarted, harmonize and reconnected to the load. When the AMF control unit identifies that the main supply has been restored an adjustable observation period is activated before the main supply is reconnected. The generator sets will be shut down once the cooldown period has flowed.

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