Water level Controller

Water level Controller with indicator it is the most economical and energy efficient product.

It has Visual Indications - Two sump levels, Two overhead tank indications. Flow, motor on, dry run, power on.The features of the water level are controller can switch on or switch off the pump, to maintain the predefined water level at the storage tanks.

The Low AC Voltage sensing circuit is to avoid polarization of electrodes in water. The special stainless steel plastic molded conductive electrodes are Long life sensors and do not require frequent cleaning or replacement.

We at Excel techvision take up large water level monitoring projects with advanced features like GPRS communication-based level monitoring system. This will benefit the major water supply corporations in planning the supply and study the usage in various locations and have a record of all supply and usage quantities of water. We also manufacture advanced Water Level Indicators with built-in GSM SIM to inform the users about the water level in their mobiles itself. So if you are looking for these type of water level controllers. Drop an enquiry or contact us.

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